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Industrie Auktionen Bernhard Maier

Industrie Auktionen Bernhard Maier deals with the complex and comprehensive care and handling of bankruptcy proceedings and corporate divestitures. As partners of major insolvency administrators, we strive to all needs and requirements of our customers. Our experience puts us in a position to react quickly, reliably, flexible and enforce the interests of our clients on site. Our range of services extends from the inventory and evaluation of movable assets of insolvent companies over the commercial management of these companies, to the realization of tangible assets.

We´re selling lots of interesting technical equipment & machinery, vehicles, office, commercial and industrial equipment of all brands from the insolvency of companies in all industries. Have a look at our current realizations, if we have any interesting offers at the moment for you. If you find nothing of interest at the moment, feel free to join our newsletter. We will then inform you of new sales and auctions to date. Feel free to contact us by phone, fax or email. We are always at your personal disposal.

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